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Disney World Vacation Money Savings Guide Review

Disney World Vacation Money Savings Guide Review

The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide

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Disney World Vacation Money Savings Guide ReviewTravelling to the wonderful world of Disney will create memories that will last a life time. But, you don’t want to spend a lifetime paying for the trip once you got back.

Or if you are more of the type to save for the trip before you go, you might find yourself saving until the kids are out of the toddler years… although they will still enjoy it, wouldn’t you rather go twice for the price of once?….

Go once when they are toddlers so they can enjoy the kiddie rides and parades and once when they are teenagers so they can enjoy Space Mountain! This e-book will help you save money so that you can go to Disney without the stress of wondering how you are going to pay for it.

The Disney World Savings Guide E-Book Product

Disney World Vacation Money Savings Guide ReviewBeth Haworth is a former cast member at Disney World in Orlando Florida and took the time she spent there to learn the ins and outs of the gorgeous resort. She watched as different families took the exact same vacation, had the exact same amount of fun, but paid vastly different amounts.

Now, as a mom herself, she takes what she learned in her former career and applies it to saving money when taking her kids to Disney. And even better for us, she wrote an e-book about the savings.

Beth not only tells us about how to have a typical vacation and save on it, but also the tricks like the best times to go. Knowledge of the best times can be very useful to families with toddlers.

But families with school aged kids are forced to go when the crowds go. If this describes you, no worries, Beth gives you tips on alternative off site hotels that may be a little bit less expensive, but still live up to Disney standards.


Beth Haworth reveals insider information that you are unlikely to find elsewhere. Every industry has its own insider information that only employees are privy to. Employees often tell their friends so that they too can benefit from their knowledge. Now you can take advantage of being Beth’s friend.

Disney World Vacation Money Savings Guide ReviewNot only does Beth give you information on how to save money, she also provides tips on how to save time while at the park.

Beth reveals secrets entrances for shorter lines, which side of the line to go in Right or left as well as the best time of day to see different attractions.

If you have a very limited amount of time in Orlando, Beth will let you know which park is the best one to go to based on your kids’ ages and which one is best to skip.


Really, its Saving money at Disney. There are no cons. Even the lay out to this book is clean and professional which is a feature sometimes lacking in e-books. Beth has produced a polished finished book,

The Verdict on The Walt Disney World Resort Savings Guide

Buy it! If you are planning a trip to Disney, you will notice that there are many guide books out there. Beth Haworth’s book will pay for itself with the money saved at just one character meal!

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Disney World Vacation Money Savings Guide Review

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