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Ski or Snowboard, which one is better?

Ski or Snowboard, which one is better?

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This is my personal analysis of both Skiing and Boarding. I have being boarding for over 10 years (off and on some years), and just have started skiing last 15-16 …

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  • Nice video, V-Yan, but I disagree with you regarding the prices. You spend
    money according to your budget. I love snowboarding and you are not going to believe how much I spend on gear. Lol 😀

  • I agree. They kind of compliments each others. And which one is best can sometimes depend on the resort (slopes), and even the weather too. Like you said, snowboarding can be more fun with powder.

  • Snowboarding has more style. Feels awesome on powder (like you're surfing). Is easier to progress.
    Looks cooler. Can be cheaper. Feels a more comfortable when walking around. You get to choose how you want to ride(board chamber options).

    Skiing is easy to learn. You get to control your speed and how you turn better than snowboarding. You feel more free. And it's easier for lifts

  • I love both but Im having issues when I snowboard with my Dad who skiis. It just so different and the styles dont make riding fun for me unless Im with another snowboarder.

  • I SB but also ski when conditions are dicey. Powder is SB territory. I like both. It’s enjoyable to switch back and forth. Most bad injuries on the mountain I’ve seen are skiers. Tail bones for SB.

  • Tell me why the fuck everyone says shits like: Skiing is not cool… uh… It's so old school… snowboard is much more cool = much better…
    Really? Why do you guys hate skiing? Snowboard is not bad, but it makes skiing worse, because snowboard is more trendy… I dont understand this world… I would be ok with snowboard equal to skiing, but snowboard is getting more popular than skiing… WHY THE FUCK?
    Thanks god, in Europe, skiing is still number 1
    I dont take a fucking care about USA…

  • This has barely anything to do with the technicalities of each discipline besides skis being more natural feeling and snowboarding being harder to learn. Boots are comfortable or uncomfortable, prices. Fat skis do float really well btw. What about beyond that? To me boarding is more flowy and feels really good, skiing is like piloting a motoGP bike and feels good. Pick one, pick both, but the feels are not as parallel as people assume.

  • The thing that sucks about skiing are the ski boots. If you really want to progress you need very well fitting boots often needing professional modifications so their are tight but loose at exactly the spots that need relief, account for leg alignment, etc and custom molded foot beds to have good comfortable control (expensive/time consuming to get it all perfect). Tons of people are held back simply cause their boots don't fit well. Snowboarding is way more forgiving equipment-wise. If you're renting and never plan on buying, just snowboard and accept that you're a snowboarder.

  • You can go ont the t bar yeasy just put it inbetween your legs and face forward let it pull a i go whit it all the time. Yes it is also what you prefer. But its good going whit the chair and the t bar.

  • I got my Snowboard for $70 Canadian, just checkout on second hand sites, I got the snowboard + boots + backpack for the board, the board it self it perfect for my height (160cm) and the boots are perfect size, just started snowboarding like a month ago, and I went like 5 times already, and idk I learned pretty fast how to snowboard and now I just zoom down black diamonds at full speed hahaha, so if you honestly trying to occupy yourself for the winter and have fun and a good leg workout go for the snowboarding it's a must so many cheap and good boards out there, maybe you could get lucky like me.

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